Ageing as Future 2nd Conference:

Conceptions, Contexts, and Challenges of Long Lives

Conference 26th to 28th July, 2022 in Jena, Germany

Against all odds, we finally all came together in Jena! Thank you all!

The unique and challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, repeatedly required us to reassess the best way to organize this gathering of international researchers making it ever more so special to finally get together to share insights from our work, connect and be inspired.

All the best,

Frieder R. Lang
Stephan Lessenich
Klaus Rothermund
and the organizing team Clara de Paula Couto, Yaeji Kim-Knauss, and Franziska Damm

Conference 26th to 28th July, 2022 in Jena, Germany

The second conference of the international Ageing as Future project addresses issues in the realms of longevity, age discrimination, narrations of old age, norms of aging, time management, and preparing for end of life on the societal level of changing contexts, as well as on individual levels of cognitions, affect, and behaviors.

The conference focuses on the different ways in which contexts matter for ageing individuals, for their conceptions of time and for their future-related constructions of a ‘good’ or, for that matter, ‘satisfying’ life in old age.

Amongst providing a platform for exchanging new findings from diverse fields of research related to these issues, findings from the international collaboration projects including more than 30 researchers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czechia, Germany, and the US are reflected and presented.

You are invited to join members of the research group and of the international research community. Be part of a conference where the project findings and complementary research are illustrated and discussed to shed a new and more differentiated light on views on ageing, age-related time management and provision making.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Czech Academy of Sciences
NC State University
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
The University of Kansas
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Volkswagen-Stiftung, Germany